Connect. Benefit.

Increase your impact doing what you love.

C-Linkers! Programme

Do you believe in what we do?


        Wish you could help more people take rapid action?


                  How about getting rewarded  for increasing your
                  positive impact to the world?

Building a vibrant ecosystem needs lots of connectors to bring it together.

Mycorrhizal fungi in our soils make the  wood-wide web in nature.   

We too need our linkers to become the  association that builds the strongest circular economy SME business ecosystem. 

The C-Linkers! programme is our way of financially rewarding those who help our network and ecosystem grow. 

Who are C-Linkers!?

C-Linkers! are our Circular Business Association connectors.

They love to connect.

They love to share.

They love to create mutual value.  

Doing what they love, they inject the soul into our network and community.

They help it grow. They help it gather resources and talents.

They help to rapidly change our world.

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