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Don't wade the waters to a profitable circular economy ALONE. 

Why join an ecosystem?


In the least 2 years, there has been an exponential adoption of the circular economy into development frameworks, policies and regulations in many huge markets. Big business players are increasingly including it in business mandate while those in the financial sector with a asset-under-management totalling USD 18 trillion has also issued support to finance the transition to the circular economy. This is all great steps forward.


But the question remains: "Who will deliver the solutions?".

Every company, big or small, needs a whole ecosystem of solutions, vendors, suppliers and talent to deliver their transition to the circular economy.


Without the ecosystem, sustainable solution providers struggle to fight their linear economy counterparts on many fronts such as cost, customer appeal and regulatory traction. 

Without the ecosystem, companies that want to transition are faced with an overwhelming task of finding and empowering the right providers who appreciate, understand and can deliver the solutions needed to achieve their mandates. 

This makes standalone solutions extremely difficult for companies to make the transition to a circular economy, what more in a profitable and accelerated way. It'll take an entire ecosystem to change. And the world has done it before with 4G , geospatial, medical, smartphone developments. We can definitely do it again.   

Online Warehouse Worker

Need to engage your supply chain in circular economy?

Looking for supply chain partners who understand your need for circularity?

We are building
What's in it for you?

that can deliver the solutions needed to accelerate business transition to the circular economy and solve the climate crisis. 


Target markets

Soft landing to target markets globally through the association's activities


The support and companionship of  those who share common values and aims

Brand Equity

Build stronger brand equity by being affiliated with various other CE providers globally


Learn, see and be part of the circular economy action and have your say in shaping our future


Neutral platform and stronger voice to engage with stakeholders and regulators

Talents & Partners

Simplify the process of finding  the right people to work with you or join your team 


We subscribe strictly to the association's mission and core values in order to build the strongest circular economy SME business ecosystem. Our strength lies in the strength of the community and its faithfulness to achieve our goal and core values. We therefore take much care to ensure that while we are fit for our community, our community also fit us. The association has established a community's journey to help us achieve this. 


As an approved community, you can get involved with the association's activities, sub-committees and task force projects to stay informed, benefit from the networking and help grow the circular economy. You  would also be involved in building up the Association be it through recruiting the community, promoting and / or financing the association. 

Get involved!

Through implementing the community's journey, we hope to:

  • Only involve people with have the technical capabilities who can build the ecosystem layer that can actually deliver solutions

  • Only involve people who are committed to our core values of thriving together and of giving before taking, in order to protect our common well-being 

  • Establish the  clear sign of trust, credibility and dedication to the common aim of growing the circular economy to solve the climate crisis when one is our community

Screenshot 2023-10-02 at 12.20.06 PM.png

You DO NOT NEED to already have an existing product that accelerates the transition to the circular economy to be part of the community. You WILL NEED to have the passion to grow the circular economy and the community.  As shown in the above diagram, start your involvement by filling in the application form for approved community. A video interview will then be arranged to get to know you better. Upon confirmation, a minimum annual donation of USD 350 will need to be made to the association. 

NOTE: Participation as an approved community does not equate to having membership. Currently, membership is only open for those who are interested to run the association and are Malaysians based on the present constitution. However, our committee is working towards opening membership base to global members because we know that climate and circular economy require global collaborations. Thus, we will only release information about membership applications on a later date. All organisations wishing to be involved in CBASS activities are advised to apply for Approved Community. 


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