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Fast track to a profitable circular economy.

About Us


Circular Business Association is your fast track to a profitable circular economy ecosystem. Fondly called C-BASS, like the bass sounds in a musical ensemble, we bring together and harmonise the many 'sounds' to create a clear and audible tune for a profitable circular economy that solves the climate crisis. We are a registered association with the Registrar of Societies in Malaysia (PPM-009-14-10052022) since 10 May 2022. 


Our co-founders conceived this idea of forming the association in 2021 with the realisation that companies, big or small, need a whole ecosystem of solutions, vendors, suppliers and talent to accelerate their transition to the circular economy. Yet, this ecosystem is painfully missing globally. 


For too long have companies struggled to find the right ecosystem partners to deliver the full suite of products and services to realise their triple bottom line and ESG mandates. For too long have companies with sustainable products fought alone to bring their solutions to the world. Neither can change how the economy works nor solve the climate crisis on their own. TOGETHER as an entire ecosystem, we all have a better chance.


C-BASS is here to build and accelerate the business transition to a profitable circular economy ecosystem so we can all thrive in a liveable world. 

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Be part of a profitable circular economy ecosystem

Don't just learn about the circular economy. See the action. Be part of the action. 

Find out more about joining us at the Circular Business Association to accelerate business transition into the circular economy and solve the climate crisis. 

Why We Do It


We are stubborn optimists who believe in thriving together in the circular economy and creating a liveable world.  

The climate crisis is not going to just 'go away'. And people need to live and live well for generations to come as aspired by the UN SDGs. If you can read this text, then you are part of THE LAST GENERATION that can avoid locking our future generations into a harsh climate where extreme weather events, diseases, food and water insecurities become the norm.

Business is the vehicle of our choice to solve this situation because it directly impacts how people live and make a living.  TIME is also a factor.

Sustainability OR Profit? This is no longer a choice.

We need to be sustainable AND  profitable.

Because profitable means that the people who want sustainability have the means to survive, to scale their impact and to provide livelihoods to others who want to be sustainable. 

This is what drives us to build a profitable circular economy ecosystem.  

Business is the vehicle of our choice because it DIRECTLY impacts people's livelihoods and way of living. 


Our Core Values


Thrive together and to provide the company and friendship of others with common aim


Keep moving forward, innovate, rise to the challenge


Do what we can and be at peace at what we cannot


Give before Taking is important for our common wellbeing, empathy to each other, clients, collaborators


Respect each others’ strengths and weaknesses, respect life and natural systems

The challenge and our goal is to 
all linear economy products with circular economy products

What We Do


The Circular Business Association wants to accelerate business transition into a circular economy ecosystem by helping to:

Increase sales revenue and customer base of circular economy players

Increase circular economy offerings and competitive advantage over linear economy products through joint product development & product bundling

Support regulators to implement policy that expedites the  transition from linear economy to circular economy

To do so, we continuously build the ecosystem layer of SME vendors and suppliers who have solutions that enable the circular economy and can help solve the climate crisis. We work together with our members and community through the association platform to bring these three strategies to life. 

Not yet a circular economy player? 

Get started with our FREE step-by-step Circular Business Model methodology to think through your profitable transition. 

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