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Circular Transitions 

Gain the COURAGE to start and the CONFIDENCE to continue your journey to solve the climate crisis and achieve sustainability through a profitable circular economy
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Registration form:
Have you been feeling like you need to do something about sustainability or the climate crisis but UNSURE what you can do? 

Have you been looking for comrades who  UNDERSTAND the need for profit while pursuing your passions and purpose? 

Join the Circular Transitions Programme. 
Get aligned. 
Find your tribe. 


2 Day Workshop (90 minutes each)
+ 3 post-workshop trainings (40 minutes each)

Standard price: RM 933 (USD 199)
Bulk buy discount ( 5 or more): RM 305 (USD 65)

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You've heard your call to action. You know you're meant for more.

Gain clarity,  get empowered, join a network of like-minded community.

Claim your rolling start into a profitable circular economy. 


 There are so many interpretations about the circular economy.  Which one is the actual one? Which one is diluted?

There is so much confusion about how it fits with ESG, sustainability and climate action. Is it a replacement? Is it a pathway?

There is so much doom and gloom and the journey itself can be lonely.  Is it more of guilt and charity? Is there anything I can do?

The Circular Transitions Programme is aimed at giving you the understanding and clarity needed to pursue your journey in solving the climate crisis and creating a liveable world. You should join the Programme to:

  • Get credibility in being part of our ecosystem because you deeply understand our approach, narrative, actions and core values 

  • Get clarity about how you could drive meaningful positive impact while being profitable because you understand how it relates to sustainability and the ecosystem play 

  • Get aligned with a network of people who share the same values, approach and narrative in this journey to sustainability so you can leverage on their expertise


The 3-hour online workshop will cover:

  • How does CE fit in with ESG, Sustainability and Climate Action? 

  • Demystifying the Circular Economy - what is and what is not? 

  • Why Climate Movement 2.0 ? - Leaning into purpose and profit for accelerated action

  • What is the ecosystem play versus solo game? 

  • How to build and feed an ecosystem for accelerated climate action? 

  • Clarity Tool - How to find your calling for 'What can I do?'



Delivered on Zoom video conferencing.

Next session scheduled:
Day 1 on 30 December 2023 (Sat) at 3pm-4.30pm SGT | MYT | WIT

Day 2 on 31 December 2023 (Sun) at 3pm-4.30pm SGT | MYT | WIT

What will be covered?

Where & When?

Meet your trainers

Profile pic_Lijin Chin.jpg

Lijin Chin

Chairperson of Circular Business Association and Senior Managing Partner of ACMF Circular Economy, a business unit of ACMF Private Fundraising Ltd. that provides circular economy business transformation consulting services and support to identify and monetise circular economy revenue and carbon credits. 

Schmidt MacArthur Fellow on Circular Economy since 2016 having been selected from her Masters Programme at Cranfield University as the sole representative attending the Summer School of the Fellowship to learn directly from thought leaders, including Dame Ellen MacArthur, Ken Webster, etc. Delivered keynote talks, guest lectures to professionals attending Masters or Train the Trainer courses with Cranfield University (UK), Chile Catholic University (Chile), Temasek Polytechnic (Singapore), among others. 

11 years experience in development planning and policy research work for the Malaysian government and multilateral organisations like United Nations Development programme. 

"Change before you have to" - Jack Welsh

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