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Certification Scheme
Quickly identify solution providers at different stages of UNDERSTANDING and READINESS to engage in their clients ESG priorities and needs

Finding an entire value chain that gets your ESG needs is rare.

Circular Business Association has crafted the ESG-Ready! Certification Scheme and its corresponding training programmes because we know how hard it is to bring up the topic to suppliers and vendors; and how hard it is to implement change when your team internally and in your supply and value chains don't speak the same language on sustainability, ESG, climate action and circular economy. But how do you even know who is ready to engage with you on ESG?

Are you finding it difficult to talk about ESG and sustainability to your vendors and suppliers?
Are you spending too much effort and time to get them onboard with little effect?
Do you need to quickly find the right replacements who can understand and deliver your sustainability and climate commitments? 

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UPSKILL Your Value Chain

Get them ESG-Ready!

Have your clients asked you about what you are doing about ESG in the last 12 months? 
Do you need to get recognised for the ESG efforts you are already making?
Are you risking being replaced or spending too much for overkill results because you don't know how to play the ESG game? 

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Offence is the best defence

Get ESG-Ready!

Getting ready to play the ESG game can be scary.

At the same time, we know how intimidating the costs and commitments can be for vendors and suppliers to demonstrate they are in the ESG game, especially if they aren't that sure how they are monetising from it.  They need a way to get ready to play the game without being an overkill on time, effort and cost. They need a way for their efforts in this journey of maturing into sustainability to be recognised so that clients can see them. They need a pathway and tribe they can fall back on keep moving with implemented ESG.

CBASS ESG-Ready! Certification Scheme


We use a journey milestone approach to rapidly preparing more vendor and supplier companies to engage with ESG and bring their expertise into powering the implementation of sustainability and climate commitments. Recognising that monetising from ESG is an important part of keeping them going on the journey of maturing into the ESG game, the scheme is designed to help vendors and supplier companies get the basics  ready at each stage of maturity so they get the courage to start and the confidence to continue.

There are five levels of certification:

  • Level 1 - Shows that the vendor/supplier is ESG-trainable, open to conversation and knows enough to at least understand a sustainability-related client brief and relate it to their own business (Assessment: Exam-based)

  • Level 2 - Shows that the vendor/supplier has taken the most basic step of mirroring the client's sustainability priorities and are systematically collecting basic data and information for their clients to input into their sustainability reporting (Assessment:  Supporting evidence submission)


**Separate certificate for the E, S and G pillars for the levels that follow:

  • Level 3 - Shows that the vendor/supplier has undertaken a materiality assessment, have plans from their own company's perspective of their sustainability impacts and aspirations and a data framework to systematically collect corresponding information for their own sustainability reporting (in addition to supplying the information to clients) 
    (Assessment:  Supporting evidence submission)


  • Level 4 - Shows that the vendor/supplier is maturing into their own sustainability journey as standards like TCFD, IFRS, CSDR, GRI, SBTI, ISO etcetera are used to improve in their sustainability framework and reporting
    (Assessment:  Supporting evidence submission)


  • Level 5 - Shows that the vendor/supplier is setting their industry benchmarks for implemented ESG in their business
    (Assessment:  Supporting evidence submission + Joint white paper/benchmark document with CBASS )


  1. Completion of the Circular Transitions Programme is a pre-requisite for any level of certification applied for.

  2. Each certification is valid for 2 years and then will be subject to renewal by the end of the period. The companies will be subject to any improvements to the certification requirements that is made by the association at renewal or by a set deadline to meet new requirements , whichever is sooner. 

ONE conversation is all it takes to know that you don't know much about sustainability, even with all the buzz words used. There goes your pitch to a customer serious about ESG.
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CBASS Course: Level 1 - ESG Ready! Certification

2 Day Workshop (90 minutes each)
+ 3 post-workshop trainings (40 minutes each)
+ Exclusive Facebook Group 
+ Level 1 exam included

Standard price: RM 933 (USD 199) each
Bulk buy discount ( 5 or more): RM 305 (USD 65) each

Next session: 18-19 May 2024

Add on the Circular Transitions Programme
for RM 460 (USD 97) each
(Standard Price: RM933 each)

2 Day Workshop (90 minutes each)
+ 3 post-workshop trainings (40 minutes each)

Bundle offer total
 Single ticket:
RM 1,393 (USD 296) each

Bulk- buy ticket (5 or more):
RM 765 (USD 162) each

Registration form
Level 1 - ESG-Ready! Certification
Registration for:
Add on Circular Transitions Programme?

Thanks for registering! Please check your email to complete registration. Please check you junk/spam folder in case our email lands there.

What will be covered?

CBASS Course: Level 1 - ESG Ready! Certification will cover the following:

  • How to not be found-out as a ESG-newbie in your conversation

  • How to rapidly spot greenwashing and what to do about it

  • How to quickly spot client priorities from a sustainability policy/ report

  • How to relate ESG to own business 

  • BONUS: Cheat sheet to rapidly focus your  sustainability research to avoid overkill and overwhelm

[ADD-ON]  Circular Transitions Programme will cover the following:

  • How does Circular Economy fit in with ESG, Sustainability and Climate Action? 

  • Demystifying the Circular Economy - what is and what is not? 

  • Why Climate Movement 2.0 ? - Leaning into purpose and profit for accelerated action

  • What is the ecosystem play versus solo game? 

  • How to build and feed an ecosystem for accelerated climate action? 

  • Clarity Tool - How to find your calling for 'What can I do

Delivered on Zoom video conferencing.

Next sessions scheduled:

Level 1 - ESG Ready! Certification

Day 1 on 18 May 2024 (Sat) at 3pm-4.30pm SGT | MYT | WIT

Day 2 on 19 May 2024 (Sun) at 3pm-4.30pm SGT | MYT | WIT

Next session after: 29-30 June 2024

Circular Transitions Programme
Day 1 on 8 June 2024 (Sat) at 3pm-4.30pm SGT | MYT | WIT

Day 2 on 9 June 2024 (Sun) at 3pm-4.30pm SGT | MYT | WIT

Next session after: 3 - 4 August 2024

Where & When?

Meet your trainer

Profile pic_Lijin Chin.jpg

Lijin Chin

Chairperson of Circular Business Association and Schmidt MacArthur Fellow on Circular Economy since 2016 having been selected from her Masters Programme at Cranfield University as the sole representative attending the Summer School of the Fellowship to learn directly from thought leaders, including Dame Ellen MacArthur, Ken Webster, etc.


Delivered keynote talks, guest lectures to professionals attending Masters or Train the Trainer courses with Cranfield University (UK), Chile Catholic University (Chile), Temasek Polytechnic (Singapore), among others. Appointed as Jury Member of the GCC Circular Economy Awards in 2024 which covers award submissions from Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and UAE. 

11 years experience in development planning and policy research work for the Malaysian government and multilateral organisations like United Nations Development programme. Among projects managed include the 1st National Voluntary Review of the Sustainable Development Goals in 2016 and the Final National Report of the Millenium Development Goals in 2015.

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