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Connect. Benefit.

Increase your impact doing what you love.

C-Linkers! Referral Programme

Do you believe in what we do?

Wish you could help more people take rapid action?

How about getting rewarded  for increasing your
positive impact to the world?

Building a vibrant ecosystem needs lots of connectors to bring it together.

Mycorrhizal fungi in our soils make the  wood-wide web in nature.   

We too need our linkers to become the  association that builds the strongest profitable circular economy SME business ecosystem. 

The C-Linkers! programme is our way of financially rewarding those who help our network and ecosystem grow. 

Sign up as C-Linker!

Who are C-Linkers!?

You love to connect.

You love to share.

You love to create mutual value.  

C-Linkers! are our Circular Business Association connectors.

Doing what you love, you inject the soul into our network and community.

You help it grow. You help it gather resources and talents.

You help to rapidly change our world.

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Share now and start earning


Your C-Linker Starter Pack will be sent to your email within 24 hours!

What do C-Linkers! do?

C-Linkers! help to recruit and grow our Supporter, Clientele and Connector base by informing people about what the association is doing and engaging them to take the next step of getting in touch with the association. You can choose how you would like inform and engage your audience and CBASS supports you with material that you can share. 

Some C-Linkers! prefer to do so on social media posts and messages like LinkedIn, Facebook, WhatsApp updates, WeChat moments etc. Some prefer sharing with their personal contact such through as direct messages or emails. Some prefer sharing in person when they meet people at events, meetings, gatherings. You do you, there’s no right or wrong way.

Once the introduction is made, the CBASS team then takes over the acquisition process so that you don't need to invest more time and effort to handle questions, clarifications, follow-ups, payment details etcetera. And when there are successful payments received from the sign-up, we share some of it back to you.

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Not Quite Ready to Sign Up?

Not sure of the C-Linker's Programme is for you? Would love to talk to someone about it? 

Come for one of our 30-min online introduction briefing about C-Linkers! that we run weekly. 

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What support do I get?

To start off, we will send you a C-Linkers! Starter Pack that has the basic information and suggested templates top help you get started. We then encourage you to join our LinkedIn Page and subscribe to our YouTube channel order to receive updates about our activities and missions. Periodically, we will also email you updates and material that you can share. We also provide online Weekly Support Sessions to hekp you with your questions and follow-ups. 

C-Linkers! Starter Pack

  • Introduction templates for WhatsApp/Email/ FB, LinkedIn posts and Email 

  • FAQs list

  • Quick intro brief on CBASS

  • Sharable brief about latest mission (PDF, PNG formats)


CBASS updates which we will share with you via periodic emails, our LinkedIn Page updates and YouTube channel, such as:

  • CBASS activities 

  • Mission preparations

  • Teaser videos, snippet interviews, promo videos, editorial piece, media features (building up to the event)

  • Approved Community and Sponsor shout outs

Follow our social channels by clicking below:

  • LinkedIn
  • Youtube

Weekly Support Sessions​​

Not sure how to respond to questions from others, or comments on a post? Or the next steps after you get the conversation going? Would you love to have updates about the mission to share with your followers? Or keep track of how many of your introductions have successfully signed-up?

  • 30 minute support sessions that you can drop in when you need our support

  • Conducted on Zoom

Available times:

  • Tuesdays at  3pm-3.30pm London time
    (10am New York time, 12 noon Chile time)


  • Sundays at  8.30am-9.00am London time
    (4.30pm-5.00pm Singapore time)

C-Linker M-E001: Seeking Sponsors to support the CBASS Mission to London Reset Connect 2023

Key features:

  • Trade mission to attend a leading global event in sustainability and climate action

  • Where and when: London in June 2023

  • CBASS going as an exhibitor

  • Purpose: 

    • Claim thought and action leadership position as ecosystem builders in circular economy ​

    • Raise global visibility of our community

    • Gain soft endorsement for our work

    • Attract more solution providers to CBASS

  • Cost to go: £15,000


  • Sponsors (packages avaialble)

Latest missions
Latest mission

(Click on image above to see the CBASS mission to LRC 2023 page)

We need more sponsors. Help us get to London Reset Connect.

Get the information deck by signing up as a C-Linker!

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