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Voluntary carbon markets are estimated to grow to US$ 500 billion by 2030. Its importance as part of the solutions needed to solve the climate crisis is undeniable. More and more carbon exchanges and carbon regulations are emerging.

So how to get in and monetise from it?
Just having a technology or solution that avoids, reduces or removes GHG emissions

IS NOT ENOUGH to get carbon credits.

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The Pain

You want to monetise from the carbon markets BUT...

  • How do carbon credits get issued in the first place?

  • How do we know if the project can get credits?

  • Who is involved in issuing the credits?

  • Who can help me get those credits?

  • How long would it take before we get the credits and can sell them?

  • Who would we sell to? How can we sell? Why would they buy?

  • How much do we need to spend to get this?

  • Should we trust these various parties who are asking us to spend on developing it into a carbon project?


These are very real considerations as a solution provider that may possibly produce carbon credits. You know your solution can do the job but after searching online or talking to some people, you still feel in the dark on what will it take to monetise from carbon credits.


It’s not your fault.


But before you do anything further or invest a chunk of money into this,






Carbon Market Journey Readiness: Module 1

Do you have a carbon project idea to earn carbon credits?

Check if it even qualifies for the journey with Module 1, before you start spending more on it.

Module 1 of the Journey Readiness involves:

  • 3-hour ONLINE training session: 

    • Demystifying the Carbon Markets Journey

      • How do carbon markets and carbon credits work?​

      • Who are the ecosystem of players involved?

      • Why are carbon markets gaining momentum? 

      • How to get the carbon credits for a project?

      • Why is there so much criteria to qualify? 

    • Learning to use the Basic Readiness Check template provided to systematically document and qualify your carbon project idea

    • Hot seats - Ask the trainer directly to use your example

  • Basic Readiness Check Report for up to 3 project ideas* 
    *submitted by participants after the workshop to trainers who will do the readiness check based on the information in the template submitted and send the 2-page check report
    within 10 working days per idea received

Carbon Market Journey Readiness _logo_new.png

PRIVATE training session : RM 1,215 (USD 255) per participant

Ideal for those who have a urgent timeline or who want the trainers to accommodate their schedule. Also good for those who prefer to have their whole team trained together and do not want participants from other organisations present when they share about their carbon project idea. 


GROUP training session : RM 372 (USD 80) per participant

Ideal for those who do not mind having participants from other organisations present and who would like to be exposed to more carbon project ideas.


* If during group training some confidential material needs to be shared, participants may request for a 5-minute Zoom Breakout Room with the trainer. 

** Seat allocations based on first come first serve basis. If the seats are full, the applicants will be informed of next available dates. 

Next Group Training date: 12 June 2024 (Wed) at 3pm-6pm SGT

Medium: Zoom 

Carbon Market Journey Readiness Programme - Module 1: Group Training - Application form

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

Circular Business Association (CBASS) believes in making voluntary carbon markets more accessible so that more circular economy players can gain a powerful tool to grow their impact with greater pace and scale to ultimately solve the climate crisis.

This programme is part of the Circular Economy and Carbon Markets Taskforce Project

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