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Reach new heights together.

Be the Action. 


The Circular Business Association provides a platform for cross-industry and ecosystem level explorations, collaborations, development and engagement. 


Task force projects are proposed and run by our community and members to proactively overcome barriers faced in pursuit of a thriving and profitable circular economy. 

Why do it together?

  • Strength in numbers to gain customer and regulatory traction

  • Find system level solutions to pains faced

  • Spread the cost and the risk

  • Know the network up close and personal

  • Be part of the legacy 

Worried about collaborating and sharing?
Task force Projects

Know a remanufacturer?
Introduce us. 

Current project:

Proposing projects


Task force projects can be proposed by any of our approved community and members alike. If your business is facing specific pains in your pursuit of the circular economy, chances are other players are too. And that's probably a project, right there,  that could be undertaken together in by a task force with other circular economy players. 

If you could have solved it alone, it would already have been solved.

Don't fight alone. Propose a task force project.


Get started by being one of our approved community. 

Current projects


Remanufacturing Woes:
Dialogues with Regulators 

Remanufacturing in Malaysia is riddled with problems.  From unclear definitions to import restrictions and regulatory barriers for sale and recovery of cores, remanufacturing can't grow. This project aims to overcome this hurdle once and for all. 

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