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Suvicha NALITA

Honorary Advisor

Suvicha is the Founder and Senior Managing Partner of ACMF Holdings (Thailand). His specialisation is in International Private Fundraising, extensive network to private sector and public sector players in Thailand. 

Suvicha is a serial entrepreneur with previous experiences with:

  • Business Development for Pine Labs Bangkok

  • Advisory Board Member for IP Payment Solutions Thailand

  • Deputy CEO of Lugent (Thailand) Co. on Trade Digitalisation Payments, Loyalty, Lending and Insurance Digitalisation

  • CFO of Phutan Fresh Co. for Payment consulting: Online and offline payment gateways and acquiring, project financing and export

  • CEO of Tree Pay (Thailand) Co. for Licensed payment gateway, payment facilitator, mobule commerce solutions, loyalty products and platforms

  • VP SEA of goSwiff (Thailand) Ltd. For Mwallet, MPOS. Patented Authentication

  • Business Development Leader for Visa International

  • Member Relationsh and Marketing/ Operating Manager for Mastercard

  • LinkedIn
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