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Are you perpetuating greenwashing in your work? - How to know? What to do about it?

Greenwashing happens when a company makes an environmental claim about something the organisation is doing that is intended to promote a sense of environmental impact that doesn't exist. The green claim is typically about some form of positive effect on the environment.

But how do you know if you are actually doing greenwashing in the work you do?

Use this quick checklist to check for the 3 signs that you may be greenwashing and the 5 things you can do about it.

Greenwashing Radar Checklist
Download PDF • 141KB

If you haven't seen our snippet videos on this topic and how Circular Economy is a useful 'radar', check out these LinkedIn posts.

More Story without Action or Accelerated Action with Story? - Touching base with Marketing Professionals on the topic of Greenwashing

We had the pleasure of delving deeper into this topic with a webinar titled: "Circular Economy in Marketing: The Power to Accelerate Sustainability and Avoid Greenwashing" in a webinar co-organised with the Indonesia Marketing Association (IMA) on Sep 1, 2023. This is part of an on-going CBASS Taskforce Project efforts to draw in more talents and grow the Marketing, Communications and Engagement ecosystem domain that support circular players in accelerating climate action.

Speakers :

Samuel E. Pranata, Vice President (Sustainable) of Indonesia Marketing Association (IMA)

Lijin Chin, Chairperson of Circular Business Association (CBASS)

Lewis Chong, Senior Managing Partner of ACMF International Private Fundraising

Suzy Giles, Associate Partner, ESG Communication of ERM

Lee Ali, Founder of Expo Stars Interactive


Dr Andi Nur Bau Massepe, Lecture of Hasanuddin University

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