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[Press Release] CBASS welcomes formation of Malaysian National Circular Economic Council


Contact: Shakila Rajendra Secretary

[Kuala Lumpur, 9 September 2023] – The Circular Business Association (CBASS) welcomes the announcement that the Malaysian government has formed a National Circular Economic Council (NCEC). The council will be responsible for matters related to policies, laws, implementation of related strategies and action plans and the commitment and collaboration between the government and the private sectors, to create a holistic circular economy in Malaysia.

“We are very pleased to see the government taking this important step,” said Lijin Chin, Chairperson of CBASS. “The circular economy is a critical pathway to achieving our sustainability and climate goals, and we are committed to working with the NCEC to make it a reality.”

CBASS believes that the private sector needs to be deeply involved in the development of the circular economy. “Until sustainability is profitable, it is not sustainable,” said Lewis Chong, Vice-chairperson of CBASS. “The circular economy addresses both the environmental and economic needs of society, and it is the private sector that will ultimately need to make it work.”

CBASS, also known as Persatuan Perniagaan Ekonomi Kitaran Malaysia, is a registered society under the Registrar of Societies in Malaysia since 10 May 2022. Its mission is to solve the climate crisis and create a liveable world through accelerating business transition into a circular economy. CBASS is an ecosystem builder that aligns various solution providers globally using the circular economy framework to fill the implementation needs.

“We are the ‘Who’ that get implementation done,” said Lijin Chin. “We bring together global expertise and network that can support bodies like the NCEC develop and implement policies that will create a thriving circular economy.”

The NCEC is a welcome development, and CBASS is committed to working with the government to make it a success. We believe that the circular economy is the key to a sustainable future for Malaysia, and we are excited to play a role in its development.

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Read the news article announcing the formation of the National Circular Economic Council at


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